Joi, 16 noiembrie

[Panel 1] 10.00 - 11.30  ADC*RO - "Breaking Out of the Bubble"

Why does an industry so adverse to cliches & boredom end up working in their exact paradigm? Creatives belonging to The Art Directors Club of Romania will provide several answers to the advertising cliché loop by addressing The Bubble. But what does The Bubble actually represent? Is there more than one? How do these societal and industry Bubbles affect people? ADC*RO into the spotlight, everyone!


Sorin Tranca
 (Managing Partner, FriendsTBWA)



Claudiu Dobrita
(Creative Director, FCB Bucharest)

Andreea Ghenoiu (Group Creative Director, Jazz Communication)

Laura Nedelschi (Creative Director, Kubis Interactive)

Radu Pilat (Managing Partner, Heist Industries)

Raluca Eftimie (Copywriter)

Mihaela Neatu (Group Creative Director, Rusu+Bortun)

Simona Suman (Group Creative Director, MRM Worldwide Romania)



[Panel 2] 12.00 - 13.30 "Female Gender Stereotypes in Ads and Agencies"

Romanian advertising is filled with happy women doing laundry and cooking for the whole family. But what about the rest? News flash: we come in different shapes and sizes, we have different attitudes, problems, interests and goals for ourselves. Where does change begin? In this panel we'll find out what our female jurors learned about Romanian women through this year's body of work, going on to touch subjects as 'the female experience' in advertising and the lack of female representation in creative leadership.



Gabriela Lungu (Founder, WINGS Creative Leadership Lab)



Casey Bird (Freelance Creative Writer & President She Says London)

Soomean Chang (Freelance Creative Director)

Casey Rand 
(Group Creative Director, Droga5 New York)




[Panel 3] 14.00 - 15.30 „Defining The Need For Design Craft"

Design can be a powerful communication tool. One that we're not so inclined to use in Romanian advertising, according to last year’s jury. Why is that? Aren't we good enough? Is there no real need for well-crafted advertising on the local market? Is the art director an underestimated resource in advertising? These are some of the questions we'll ask and answer with the help of ad specialists that know about what it takes investing in craft.



Serban Alexandrescu (Managing Director, Headvertising)


Mihai Coliban
(Creative Freeman)

Eugen Erhan (Freelancer & funny man Fredo & Pid'jin)

Alexandru Manda (Director de Imagine si Vanzari, Atelierele Pegas)

Andrei Stoleru (Creative Director, Carioca Studio)

Bob Toma (Creative Director, Rusu+Bortun)

Liviu Turcanu (Creative Director, Mercury 360)




[Panel 4] 16.00 - 17.30 "Brand Activism: Between Authenticity and Opportunism"

Something not everyone was prepared for: brand activism. What do brands have to gain from aligning their voice with certain causes? What do they have to lose? The short answer to both these questions is: consumer interest, esteem, money and even loyalty. Is it time for brands to give up their neutrality and have opinions or allegiances in their strive for relevance? We’ll try to take an honest look at brands and their choices with the help of our speakers.



Costin Radu (Communication Consultant)



Cristina Avram (Brands & Communication Marketing Manager, Fabryo)

Stefan Chiritescu (Head of Strategy, Kubis Interactive)

Raluca Feher (Consultant de comunicare si Presedinte Frontline Club Bucuresti)

Sergiu Mircea (Head of Marketing & Communication, Banca Transilvania)

Eliza Rogalski (Founder, Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations)


[Creative Night] 19.00 - 21.00 “The WTF Ad Genre and Its Better Half"


A night where we take a stroll through the most What-The-Actual-Fuck-Somebody-Really-Paid-For-This Romanian ads and try to find out why anyone thought they'd work. But to end on a positive note, we'll also watch some of the most courageous, funny and entertaining ads that have been made throughout the year. It's a celebration of creativity, with an included wake-up call towards what irresponsible budget spending truly looks like.



Silviu Gherman (Comedian, Vlogger & CEO, Teleschpenker)


Costin Bogdan
 (Group Creative Director, McCann Romania)

Raul Gheba (Copywriter, MullenLowe Romania)

Anca Macoviciuc (Morning Show Host & Producer, TANANANA)

Bogdan Naumovici (Managing Partner, 23 Communication Ideas)

Ruxandra Predescu (Freelance PR & Blogger, printreranduri.eu) 

Valentin Suciu (Creative Partner, Jazz Communication)

Carmen Tiderle (Creative, Directia Creativa)




Vineri, 17 noiembrie

[Panel 1] 10.00 - 11.30 "Are clients from Mars & agencies from Venus?"

"Partnership" is the word most people use when talking about clients and their agencies. But what does this partnership entail on a day-to-day basis? Healthy communication. How well does the client communicate their needs? What's the client's responsibility in terms of a future campaign? How well does the agency respond to the brief and why? What do they lack, what do they need? In short, we'll take a look at how clients & agencies work together and how they might work better together. Not a new topic, of course, but somehow it's still one of the most talked about issues in advertising. 


Victor Dobre (General Manager, IAA Romania)


Serban Alexandrescu (Managing Director, Headvertising)

Cristiana Belodan (Executive Director, GMP Advertising)

Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director, Geometry Global Bucharest)

Cristina Hanganu (Communication & CSR Director, Lidl Romania)

Hortensia Nastase (Vice President Creative Services, MullenLowe)

Ruxandra Rau (Brand & Communication Strategy Director, Telekom Romania)

Oana Stincel (Marketing Director, Macromex)

Victor Teiosanu (Premium Brands Director, URSUS Breweries)

Sorin Tranca (Managing Partner, FriendsTBWA)

[Panel 2] 12.00 - 13.30 "The Untapped Potential of Digital Creative"

Are we really making the most out of the creative possibilities of the digital medium? Why do we still see digital as an ATL add-on? Why aren't we generating more digitally-led campaigns and ideas? With the help of creatives and clients alike, we'll try to find out what it takes to take creative hold of digital possibilities.



Dragos Stanca
 (Managing Partner, ThinkDigital)


Mihnea Gheorghiu (Global Digital Creative Director, Publicis Italia)

Razvan Acsente
 (Head of Marketing, OLX Group Romania)

Matei Curtasu (Creative Director, GMP Advertising)

Andrei Ungureanu (Digital Content Manager, Coca-Cola)

Dinu Panescu (Creative Director & Partner, The HUB Partners)

Matei Psatta (Head of Marketing, Vola)

Costin Radu (Communication Consultant)

Daniel Secareanu (VP, IAB Romania)

[Panel 3] 15.00 - 16.30 "Where It's At: Highlights of Romanian Creative Work"

Our international jury will sit down and tell us what they feel are Romania's strong and weaker points in terms of creative advertising. Last year we had two major negative feedbacks: stereotypical women and less-than-perfect design craft in ads. What will this year's feedback be? See you there to find out.


Costin Radu (Communication Consultant)


Casey Rand (Group Creative Director, Droga5 New York)

Casey Bird (Freelance Creative Director & President, She Says London)

Aitor Borras (Associate Creative Director, apple tree communications)

Soomean Chang (Freelance Creative Director)

Till Eckel (Executive Creative Director & Managing Director, Jung von Matt Berlin)

Howard Finkelstein (Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy New York)

Levan Lepsveridze (Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder, Leavingstone)

Jussi Pekkala (Creative/Copywriter, hasan & partners)

[Gala Premiilor FIBRA] 19.30


Samsung Romania
Opel Romania
Coca-Cola Romania
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Sendal Studio
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